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" To make a garden is to give form to one’s hopes for a better world " - Russell Page

photo credit: Norman Whaley

Creative Garden Services Ltd has been creating and maintaining gardens in Vancouver since 1980.
We are proud of our long tenure in West Coast gardens. Under the direction of Allan O’Connor a diverse range of gardens are in our care.
A dedicated, professional staff works carefully to ensure appealing gardens are created and sustained.
Our main focus is the restoration and care of existing gardens.We have passion for what we do.
A garden should be an ongoing creative endeavor, always evolving. Gardens change with the years as well as the seasons.With neglect that change can be one of rapid decline; and a loss of design integrity.
A garden exists as a sanctuary for the senses to be engaged.A soulful place, intimately connected to the home and its architecture.
Most especially, that it be a place the garden owner feels at home in.Where beauty lifts the spirits, and a strong connection is present.

Allan O’Connor was the first Environment Chair for the British Columbia Landscape Nursery Association (1995 – 1999).The focus was to replace conventional pest control procedures, and its focus on product, with Integrated Pest Management.An approach that puts the emphasis on the plant and its environment.Establishing healthy soils.Planting viable plants.That philosophy is now well-established in our gardens.Landscape gardening as a fine art is only enhanced by this approach.


photo credit: Norman Whaley


1999 BCNLA Award of Excellence Landscape Maintenance

2001 People’s Choice Gold Award CanWest Horticulture Show

2001 BCNLA Award of Excellence Landscape Installation

2004 BCNLA Grand Award Winner for Excellence Landscape Maintenance

2005 National Award of Excellence CNLA


Work featured in Gardening Life Feb. 2005
West Coast Style: The garden of Joe Segal

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Allan O’Connor

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